Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Voice of Reason

Arlene Goldbard's eponymous website delivers razor-sharp essays on "culture, politics and spirituality." In a recent post, this iconoclastic writer and activist demonstrates, yet again, that she is one of the most persuasive advocates for positive social change working today.

A quote:

First Stop: “Diversity.” Webster’s synonym is “variety,” but when the term “diversity” is used in nonprofit arts circles, it is a euphemism with highly specific meaning: Predominantly white arts organizations should have people of color on the staffs, boards, walls and stages to show that they include and respect everyone. No one is out there urging organizations grounded in Latino or African American communities to put Italians and Irish and Asians on their boards, because it isn’t actually about diversity per se. It’s about addressing the white privilege and racism that have funneled the lion’s share of U.S. arts funding to institutions led almost entirely by white people, especially those with red carpets and marble halls.


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