Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Candidates

If you live in New York City, you might be following the race for mayor. In case you aren't, you should know what the candidates are up to.

First, in order to clear the way for his attempt at a third term, incumbent Michael Bloomberg urged the city council's controversial decision to do away with voter approved term limits. Mr. Bloomberg has already spent more than $65 million dollars on this campaign, primarily because he can afford it. His opponent, Democratic mayoral candidate, and NYC Comptroller, Mr. William C. Thompson, has not spent anywhere near as much money as Mr. Bloomberg, mainly because it's so much money and where would he get it?

At their first televised debate, video of which is posted at NY1, Mr. Bloomberg criticized Mr. Thompson's tenure as president of the Board of Education, saying he spent his time "arranging deck chairs on the Titantic." In turn, Mr. Thompson reminded voters that by pushing to overturn term limits, Mr. Bloomberg failed to "adhere to the rules."

The Green Party Candidate, in case you were wondering, is Mr. William Talen, otherwise known as Reverend Billy. Mr. Talen has spent much less money than both of the other candidates, and I suppose that may be partly why he was was not invited to debate.

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