Thursday, July 29, 2010

Future Perfect

In case you failed to notice, the School of the Future is now, and, as usual, there is no time like the present. It's in Brooklyn and all the details of this exciting project are below.



Upcoming Classes | July 29-31

Details about classes are on the website, at .   Click on the class name to look at the description. All classes are held, or will meet at Sgt. Dougherty Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  

A Note about the Weather: Looks like no rain or just a scattered storms predicted this weekend! Scattered is our middle names, so come on down to Sgt. Dougherty Park!  If you are suspicious of the weather, check our website for updates the morning of the event you plan to attend!  We will keep you posted.

July 29th, Thursday
9:30am - Monitor School 
12:30pm - ReBuilding the City
6pm - Text Performance Creation
7pm - Illustration from Inside
July 30th, Friday
9:30am - Print in the Park
6:30pm - Conviction Fiction: Flight or Invisibility
July 31st, Saturday

12pm - Irish Ceili Dancing
1pm - Interactive Hegelian Lordship and Bondage
2pm - How to Say Goodbye: Hair Extension
2pm - Ballet
2:30pm - Learning Language Guerilla Style
3pm - Human Size Chess
4pm - Easy-to-Draw Dictators
4:30pm - Ticking Time Capsules
5pm - Movement for Seniors
7pm - Graduation Ceremonies and Potluck

School of the Future is a collaborative project by Student Body Cassie Thornton, Head Librarian Christopher Kennedy and an array of community partners and supporters including: Solar One, AlphaOne Labs, Flux Factory, Association of Teaching Artists, Trust Art, Buckminster Fuller Institute, NYC Parks Department, Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn, St. Nicks Alliance, St. Cecilias, Neighbors Allied for Good Growth and our wonderful Bored of Education.

Also: Oleta Adams - Get Here

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