Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back On

Having been distracted, briefly, by Facebook, blogger Phil Davis returns with some arresting images and a post on, among other things, “the trials and tribulations of being an artist in a government."

If you've been following along, Mr. Davis' blog used to call himself a "Teaching Artist." Since he took this new job, his blog banner reads "Administrating Artist."

From his profile:

Phil taught art art in community colleges, universities, and non-profits more or less until he decided that the sacrifices he made just to remain afloat among academic labor relations and job markets were far greater than the sum total of things academia would ever provide for him. He still cares very deeply about education, art, and the union of those two things.

In January ‘09, Phil went to work for the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, to help open and eventually manage a new art center in Brentwood, Maryland. The Brentwood Art Center will feature regionally significant art exhibitions, serving as an anchor for the Gateway Arts District and providing and outlet for artists and artisans in the community.

Zelda Fichandler, the founder of Arena Stage, once said "Administration is creation!"

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