Thursday, July 23, 2009

Relative Value

At Arts Blog, a link to an essay (pdf) that makes the case for increased levels of funding for small cultural organizations; groups whose size belies their importance to their communities.

Written by Ron Chew former director of the Wing Luke Asian Museum, the essay came out of the Exemplar Program; a Ford Foundation sponsored funding initiative which provided two years of support, totaling $150,000 each to 12 small to midsized arts and cultural organizations nationwide.

"...opportunities will abound to reassert the connection of the arts to community service.

Marjorie Schwarzer, chair of the Department of Museum Studies at John F. Kennedy University in California, said the public “seeks solace in the arts during troubled times.” She noted, for example, that museum attendance rose during the Great Depression..."

Also: @ ESPN, Major League Baseball - Salaries for 2009 (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press)


Magglio Ordonez $18,971,596

Miguel Cabrera 14,383,049

dl-Jeremy Bonderman 12,500,000

Carlos Guillen 10,000,000

dl-Dontrelle Willis 10,000,000

Nate Robertson 7,000,000

Brandon Inge 6,300,000

Placido Polanco 4,600,000

Brandon Lyon 4,250,000

Justin Verlander 3,675,000

Curtis Granderson 3,500,000

Gerald Laird 2,800,000

Fernando Rodney 2,700,000

Marcus Thames 2,275,000

Edwin Jackson 2,200,000

Rick Porcello 2,095,000

Bobby Seay 1,300,000

Adam Everett 1,000,000

Ramon Santiago 825,000

Juan Rincon 750,000

Matt Treanor 750,000

dl-Joel Zumaya 735,000

Zach Miner 437,500

Armando Galarraga 435,000

Jeff Larish 403,000

Josh Anderson 400,000

Eddie Bonine 400,000

Ryan Perry 400,000

Read More @ USA Today.

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