Monday, August 17, 2009

From the Start

Hurrah, it's Monday!

Quick, before the shock wears off, ART!

Nearly anything will do.

How about a collage?

Or a poem?

I found this lesson plan on collage at Art Blueprint from Studio In A School. It's designed to help second-graders begin to experiment with the layering and placement of colorful shapes. After reading the description, I can't wait to start.


The unit begins with students making observations about an Eric Carle collage illustration. Youngsters note that the figure is composed of several shapes; they explore making a balanced composition of shapes. After making observations about collages by Alex Katz and Romare Bearden that feature a figure in an environment, students create a collage that incorporates a figure in a setting. The unit concludes with a display of work accompanied by signage.



I had as lief be embraced by the portier of the hotel
As to get no more from the moonlight
Than your moist hand.

Be the voice of the night and Florida in my ear.
Use dusky words and dusky images.
Darken your speech.

Speak, even, as if I did not hear you speaking,
But spoke for you perfectly in my thoughts,
Conceiving words,

As the night conceives the sea-sound in silence,
And out of the droning sibilants makes
A serenade.

Say, puerile, that the buzzards crouch on the ridge-pole
and sleep with one eye watching the stars fall
Beyond Key West.

Say that the palms are clear in the total blue.
Are clear and are obscure; that it is night;
That the moon shines.

-- Wallace Stevens

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