Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Subject for a Short Story

I love to read.

Luckily, I've been meaning to do a series on books and today is the day we begin our series on the best short story writers around.

The criteria for selection are very simple. I choose, because I type. There is no committee. No prizes will be awarded. It's all just for fun.

Our first winner is Jhumpa Lahiri; the well-known writer and thinker.

At GRANTA Magazine, a literary paradise, we find this entire article featuring Ms. Lahari and Mavis Gallant talking about the art of short story writing. Ms. Lahiri reads from her her collection, Unaccustomed Earth (2008), and Gallant, whose work I've never read, also shares one with the audience.

I recommend the reading highly.

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Carla said...

I love her. Interpreter of Maladies is one of my favorite books of all time.