Tuesday, September 8, 2009


There is a big conversation about Teaching Artists and certification taking place at Dewey21C.

This issue raises so many questions.

Most of mine are about money.

I read that Studio in a School has this training program where you can get credentialed through Pratt.

The Long Term Program has a credential component that visual artists can take part in. It is an intensive art teacher certification program designed to establish well-trained, licensed art teachers in New York City public schools. STUDIO IN A SCHOOL (STUDIO) selects professional artists, who are committed to teaching children, to participate in this partially-sponsored certification program. Artists accepted into this component fulfill all of the employment requirements of the Long Term Program during the two-year full-time Phase One, PLUS complete all certification requirements through Pratt Institute’s graduate Program in Art & Design.

What you will receive:

• Full-time salaried employment with health insurance

• All training and a portion of the tuition for education credits required for certification (as per Pratt Institute) will be paid for by STUDIO IN A SCHOOL

Mentoring and training for the art teaching residency by established STUDIO IN A

SCHOOL artists

• Two full years to work side-by-side in the art studio with classroom teachers;

planning together to ensure that a strong art program is integrated with other

curricular goals, and gradually developing the classroom management skills

required for teaching independently

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