Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let's Start

Last night, in Tribeca, Urban Arts Partnership hosted an event called The Promise of Arts Education, a panel featuring Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott, Arnold Aprill of CAPE, High School Principals Scott Conti of New Design, and Gillian Smith of Facing History, along with Paul King of DOE---who apparently has our back. The event addressed questions on how the arts can drive innovation in public education, and did I mention the snacks? Below, I have posted what I can decipher from my notes.

These are the things I heard panelists say in response to questions--"quotes." I should tell you that I scribbled these notes in the dark, while using my phone as a flashlight, and devouring canapes.

"Call to action."




"Art is the fabric..."





"...different curriculum organizers..."

" paradigm..."

"Good art programs are, first of all, good for kids."


"...students have made choices, and can talk about them."

'...traditional education doesn't work for many kids...."

"...redefining our relationship to the local community..."

"We have to start developing different metrics for testing the arts..."


"Space race"



"Disconnected youth..."

"What does art do to ameliorate...?"

"...arts integration?"

" instruction?"


"...student engagement..."

"Thank you."

Also: Fela Kuti - Let's Start

*That was me.

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