Thursday, April 29, 2010

All In the Planning

Teaching Artists and students in Sacramento, California may soon benefit from the newest arts education initiative coming out of the Kennedy Center.

Designed to help ensure that all children are guaranteed a full arts education, the program is a data-driven, district-wide planning model, accompanied by a traveling team of experts. School districts must submit an application. The first city chosen for the model program is Sacramento.
Congratulations, and good luck.

Details of the initiative are described below:

The Any Given Child initiative, created by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, seeks to bring access, balance, and equity to each child's arts education, using an affordable model that combines the resources of the school district, local arts groups, and the Kennedy Center. The program is designed for students in grades K-8.

Kennedy Center staff members work with community leaders and school administrators in a Community Team to develop a long-range plan for arts education that is tailor-made for their school district. The Team reviews existing arts resources in the school district and the education programs offered by local arts organizations and companies. Once there is a snapshot of the arts education resources, the Team develops a plan specific to the needs of that community.

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