Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Drop In

Eyebeam Art and Technology Center invites teenagers to visit their Thursday afternoon drop-in program. This is an easy sell. The keywords are "free" and "computer".

The program runs nearly every Thursday from 3-6PM at Eyebeam; 540 West 21st Street in Manhattan.

Details are below: 

Eyebeam Youth Drop-In Program

NYC public school students between the ages of 13–18 are invited to spend their Thursday afternoons, from 3–6PM, at Eyebeam. Each month will feature a series of free hands-on workshops, starting at 4PM, where students will have the opportunity to work with different open-source software programs as used by artists and technologists.

Thursdays in April: Moving Image Design with Eyebeam Fellow, Aaron Meyers. Designer and programmer Aaron Meyers will introduce students to Processing, a free open source tool to code interactive moving images. Students will learn the basics of writing code using a visual approach; focusing on interactivity, drawing, and motion while checking out examples of other artwork created with Processing.

NOTE: This is a free program and students are welcome to drop in without RSVP'ing. Computer access is first come first serve. In the case of too many students, students will be invited to team-up and collaborate on shared projects. Students who drop-in cannot be guaranteed a computer and are strongly encouraged to RSVP.

To RSVP, contact Stephanie Pereira, or phone at 212-937-6580 x247

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