Friday, December 4, 2009

More Amazing Stories

Over at Glitter & Razz--anecdotes about the company's recent theater camps are a lovely way to end the week. Founder Lynn Johnson has been posting updates about her company's teaching artist work. I am reading a good post now about the team of professional teaching artists working around issues of leadership and identity with a group of girls and boys:

Love ‘Em & Lead ‘Em | Tales from Veteran’s Day Play in a Day Camp I'll Lead The Way...Follow Me!

The mood was calm and excited. One of these special Play in a Day Camps where each and every 4 year old makes it all the way through the long day and no one says “I don’t wanna do the play.”

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Plus: The New York Times profiles a group of kindergartners who are getting their early childhood education by spending three hours each school day in a forest. It's kind of amazing.

Also: It's Friday, which means all your cool friends and colleagues are hanging out on Yahoo and Facebook and Twitter exchanging messages and sharing all that information that you didn't even know you needed when you started out, but gosh wouldn't it have been useful?

Also, places:

Association of Teaching Artists
Teaching Artist Union
Dennis Baker

Carla Ching's Minutiae and Flux
Teaching Artist Judith Tannenbaum
Lizzie Hetzer's Unlocking The Classroom
NYC AIE Roundtable
Empire State Partnerships
Prison Arts Coalition
Urban Arts Resources

Finally, Joanna Newsom - Sprout and the Bean

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