Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recommended Reading


A reminder that ATA features a growing list of blogs by Teaching Artists, Arts In Education Professionals, and Grantmakers.

Recently posted and definitely worth reading:

Michael Wiggins' ATA Blog (December 7) on the Teaching Artist Resource Guide developed by Teaching Artist Phoebe Zinman Winters

Richard Kessler's Dewey21C (December 7) "Did You Miss David Brooks on Arts Education???" David Brooks' "The Other Education" was published in the New York Times on Thanksgiving Day and was featured in an ATA listserv

Janet Brown's Grantmakers In The Arts (November 17) on Building Infrastructures for Artists and Arts Organizations

Lizzie Hetzer's Unlocking The Classroom (November 22) "I walk, I fall down, I get up, Meanwhile, I keep dancing." Rabbi Hillel

Carla Ching's Minutiae and Flux (November 17)
"The Nature of Professional Development"

Please let me know if you have a Teaching Artist blog that we can include on ATA's homepage.


Dale Davis
Executive Director
The Association of Teaching Artists

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