Thursday, January 21, 2010


From the Teaching Artists Union, we have received word that the School of the Future is now.

Cool. Why wait?

Not to be confused with that other school of the future, TAU's SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE is an art project and the "launching pad for the art movement of education."

More information is below, and on the group's website:

The School of the Future is an artist-run school for teaching artists. The school focuses on teaching artists as experts in the study of information through performing and visual arts; it serves as the first site devoted to the resourcefulness and adaptability of teaching artists. Each curriculum developed for the school is an art project, making the school a group show. The projects will be designed to use art as a learning process that activates and considers the site of the school.

The portable school building is fit with movable walls, so no barriers will remain between after school educators, professors, and substitute public school teachers. The school term is a process of discovery where the students and teachers refine this model of school from within the transparent school walls, engaging in a large collaborative artwork that analyzes, critiques, and pushes school out of its big brick buildings.

School of the Future opens this July in Bushwick’s Sgt. Dougherty Park for a month of programming. Starting in February, an open call for curriculum asks artists to consider the site of the school as an art project that they can engage a specific student body to perform.

The School of the Future is a project of the Teaching Artist Union—a group of NYC artists who consider teaching a part of their art practice. Principal Cassandra Thornton and Head Librarian Christopher Kennedy (Institute of Applied Aesthetics) are also supported by TrustArt, OpenSpaceAlliance, NYC Parks Department and the Association of Teaching Artists.

Site Visit Sunday January 24, 1pm
Join us on Sunday for a site visit to Sgt. Dougherty Park, the site for the SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE. The park is located on the corner of Meeker Ave. and Vandevoort Avenue. It is bordered by the BQE, Staples, and Con Ed property, in a wonderful industrial wasteland. Since projects at the school will respond to the site, please attend a group site visit or go solo, but please feel obliged to learn the park.

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