Friday, January 29, 2010

School of Everything

Sometimes you need to market yourself. It's that kind of world.

School of Everything is "a social learning network that connects people who can teach with people who want to learn."

I have not tried it yet, have you?


The company's website is designed to help independent teachers market themselves to prospective students. It has a search engine that matches local teachers with students shopping for an instructor. According to their literature, this clever idea is simply an old-fashioned message board, made new. Search me.

"In the 1960s a group of people set up the Free U in sunny California - it started with blank piece of paper pinned to a notice board asking what people could teach and once subjects were listed and there were enough people signed up to each they ran the courses. Makes sense really doesn't it? We just decided to turn that into a 21st century new fangled website thingy so you can design your own education however you please."

Visit School of Everything to find out more.

President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union last night and declared it strong. He did not mention teaching artists, but there's always next year.

If this is Friday, this must be Facebook.

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