Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soul Searching

Once again, writer/activist Arlene Goldbard explains it all for you.

Ms. Goldbard is, of course, the writer of an impressive series of articles advancing the idea of a "New New Deal" for artists. She is a fierce advocate for positive social change, and her blog on culture, politics and spirituality is a destination point for teaching artists and others in the field.

Ms. Goldbard's latest essay explores the phenomena of disappointment in both political and emotional terms.

I read it, and was amazed, moved and grateful.

See what I mean:

The Disappointment System
by Arlene Goldbard

My friends tend to a few views of President Obama and the Democrats at the end of Year One. They seem different, but actually, all are part of the Disappointment System, my new name for the combination plate of hurt and response which has become our national dish. As is so often the case, what we are as political animals in the wide world is largely due to what we eat in the little world of relationship and emotion.

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