Monday, February 8, 2010

Adult Education

Teaching Artists who work with adults with developmental disabilities may be interested in joining the ATA Yahoo Forum to find ways to:

(1) network with others who are doing or are interested in similar activities;

(2) facilitate more opportunities for the individuals that they work with to be active creatively in the community;

(3) affect the public's perceptions of people with disabilities;

(4) affect policy makers/voters/legislators whose actions affect the lives of members of the disabled community

If you have an interest in working around these issues with other teaching artists, click through to join the conversation on the ATA Yahoo Forum.

Also: An excerpt from FIRST LOVE a duet by Charles L. Mee. This play is available, along with Mr. Mee's other works, online at the (re)making project. The website invites visitors to "feel free to take the plays from this website and use them freely as a resource for your own work", which is kind of spectacular.

FIRST LOVE by Charles L. Mee

Shove up.

HAROLD [awakened from sleeping--still half-asleep, disoriented]

Shove up I said shove up.

What what?

I want to sit down here.

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