Friday, February 5, 2010

Sufficient Funds

If you want to get it done, perhaps you should apply for a grant or something?

The Jerome Foundation, created by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill (1905-1972), seeks to contribute to a dynamic and evolving culture by supporting the creation, development, and production of new works by emerging artists. The Foundation makes grants to not-for-profit arts organizations and artists in Minnesota and New York City.

General Program Focus...

Download General Program Grants Guidelines (pdf).
Download Application Requirements for nonprofit arts organizations (pdf).
Download Application Requirements for artists applying with a fiscal sponsor (pdf).


The Regional Arts & Culture Council of Oregon recognizes individual artistic achievement and excellence through its annual Individual Artist Fellowship award. The Fellowship, which includes a cash award of $20,000, helps individual artists of high merit sustain or enhance their creative process. Fellowships are awarded in rotating disciplines that include Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Media Arts and Literature. For 2010, a Fellowship will be offered in the Performing Arts (dance, theater, music).

Visit Deadline: 3/31/10.


Workspace 2010–11 Applications Due

Dates & Times
March 25, 2010 5PM–5PM

Workspace is a nine-month studio residency program for emerging visual artists and writers focused on the creative process. Residents receive free studio space in Lower Manhattan for nine months, a modest one-time stipend (depending on funding), access to a community of peers, meetings and studio visits with arts and literary professionals, and exposure to new audiences through open studios and other public programs.

More information about Workspace, including complete Application Guidelines, is available here.

Also, it is Friday and there are about 800 teaching artists on ATA's Facebook page!


From William Shakespeare's Cymbeline

Act III, Scene 6

Wales. Before the cave of Belarius.

[Enter IMOGEN, in boy's clothes]

Imogen. I see a man's life is a tedious one:
I have tired myself, and for two nights together 2145
Have made the ground my bed. I should be sick,
But that my resolution helps me. Milford,
When from the mountain-top Pisanio show'd thee,
Thou wast within a ken: O Jove! I think
Foundations fly the wretched; such, I mean, 2150
Where they should be relieved. Two beggars told me
I could not miss my way: will poor folks lie,
That have afflictions on them, knowing 'tis
A punishment or trial? Yes; no wonder,
When rich ones scarce tell true. To lapse in fulness 2155
Is sorer than to lie for need, and falsehood
Is worse in kings than beggars. My dear lord!
Thou art one o' the false ones. Now I think on thee,
My hunger's gone; but even before, I was
At point to sink for food. But what is this? 2160
Here is a path to't: 'tis some savage hold:
I were best not to call; I dare not call:
yet famine,
Ere clean it o'erthrow nature, makes it valiant,
Plenty and peace breeds cowards: hardness ever 2165
Of hardiness is mother. Ho! who's here?
If any thing that's civil, speak; if savage,
Take or lend. Ho! No answer? Then I'll enter.
Best draw my sword: and if mine enemy
But fear the sword like me, he'll scarcely look on't. 2170
Such a foe, good heavens!

[Exit, to the cave]

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