Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play On

According to her official website, teaching artist Elizabeth Swados has written 3 novels, 2 works of non-fiction, a book of poems and nine children's books. She's also a musician, director and composer, with 5 Tony Award nominations.

I can't imagine where she finds the time, but I'm so glad she does, because I find her book At Play: Teaching Teenagers Theater to be terrifically useful and illuminating. In the introduction, she explains that the book is meant to guide educators who need to do some of my favorite things, such as:

1. make a show outside of school
2. make a show in school
3. train young actors in a community or drama school environment
4. train young actors in a classroom or after-school environment
5. use one or two exercises in a limited class time

Also: The annual Face to Face Conference starts tomorrow. Tweet.

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