Monday, June 8, 2009


All this week, as promised, we will conduct a giddy tour of some of our favorite arts and teaching artist-related websites. If you have favorites, please, email them to me here and we'll post them.

"The Community Arts Network (CAN) supports the belief that the arts are an integral part of a healthy culture, providing both intellectual nourishment and social benefit, and that community-based arts provide significant value both to communities and artists.
CAN’s Web site is an international resource focusing on the work of artists and their community partners – projects and programs that actively promote the arts as part of education, political life, health recovery, prisoner rehabilitation, environmental protection, community regeneration, electronic communication, and more. Here you will find a wealth of data, documentation and criticism about art that is doing important work: improving students’ test scores, reducing prison violence and recidivism, reaching across racial and class barriers, bringing generations together, preserving history and culture that will otherwise be lost."

See? Isn't that useful and exciting?

We'll be here all week.

Tell your friends.

Also: Jacques Brel - La Valse a Mille Temps

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