Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Support

In a case that will impact the lives of thousands of students with special needs, the Supreme Court is expected to decide, any day now, when public schools must reimburse parents for private-school tuition.

The New York Times has a report.

In the New York City public school system, District 75 provides support programs for students who are "on the autism spectrum, severely emotionally challenged, and/or multiply disabled."

Because I am not an expert and because I do not have access to certain information--like a student's individualized education plan, for instance--I may not know if there is a student in the class who is working with a disability. But I always assume there is someone and I try to meet everyone's needs by operating on the phrase "good teaching is good teaching"

One thing I do know is that I had professional development on these issues from one of my employers. I needed it. It's where I got the great aphorism. 

Also, it was free and useful--like good advice from a friend.

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