Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser

Arts Advocate Laura Reeder of Partners for Arts Education, is also one of the fine people responsible for the Teaching Artist Journal; a scholarly publication that explores all kinds of stuff you care about.

Unfortunately, it's only printed on tree-killing paper.

Since online publications are much greener and accessible, I am pleased that TA Journal also publishes a blog. It's not the most updated site on our tour, but what you'll find there is terrific nonetheless.

Here's one: Leah Mayers post on handmade books is lovely.

Oh, I nearly forgot, here's Ms. Reeder's piece too, in case you missed it.

Hurry Up and Wait: TA Professional Development

by Laura Reeder

Laura Reeder does the field a huge service by giving us a synthetic and insightful overview of the various TA PD initiatives underway across the U.S. From the article:
Curiosity is at the center of an artistic life and it is certainly at the center of lifelong learning. Curiosity is now being manifested with artistic, educational, and scientific care in at least ten national research projects aimed at unraveling the mysteries of professional development for teaching artists. These studies have been shaped to answer questions about the quality and quantity of professional resources for artists who teach. A TAJ scan of this research reveals interest in subtle and unique elements that cannot easily be measured. The global finesse that we are all developing through easy-to-use survey programs, transcontinental communication, and the humanistic backlash to No Child Left Behind has ripened our opportunity to study teaching artistry.

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