Friday, June 12, 2009

Thinking of You

The website of the Dana Foundation might seem like an odd choice for a giddy tour-guide to take a group of fellow teaching artists, but there are at least 196 reasons to take a whirl:

"In 2001, The Dana Foundation created the Arts Education program with a sole focus of providing grants to support professional development for teaching artists and in-school arts specialists. The first several years of grants were to programs in New York City, Washington,DC, Los Angeles and to organizations with a 50 mile radius of the three.

Through 2008, Dana has awarded 196 grants for a total of $8,008,900."

Money, as you may have noticed, changes everything, but Dana's not just for fundraisers. The foundation's Arts Education publications provide inspiration, data and information that is relevant to the work lives of professional TAs.

Highlights: Reports on brain research that comes close to proving, once and for all, that the arts really can positively impact learning. A collection of essays on effective planning, and a working model of an effective school partnership.

Alarmingly, the foundation is reevaluating its approach to funding arts education. But they say not to worry.

Also: Thelonius Monk - Straight, No Chaser

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