Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Defend Education

March 4th is a National Day of Action to Defend Education, which, you may have noticed, is dying the death of a zillion budget cuts. 

The crisis is nationwide. The reasons are numerous and varied, but the main cause is fallout from the economic apocalypse and blatant disregard for the facts.

To those who believe that public education is the foundation of our democracy this is the time to say something, such as "stop!"

The call to action for this national day of protest originated in California, which is now threatening to eliminate art teachers entirely, as part of a broader strategy to fill huge holes in the statewide education budget.

At her self-titled blog, Writer/Activist Arlene Goldbard, examines the issues in her usual clear-eyed fashion; setting the crisis in education within a larger conversation about the importance of fostering a "hunger for learning" in a society which encourages apathy, and undermines democracy.

Teaching Artists who care to join the struggle, can  check the national organizer's website to find links to protest events in their state.

The New York event planning committee website is here.

Also: Woody Guthrie - This Land Is Your Land

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Arlene Goldbard said...

Thanks for the link, Michael.

Teaching artists who want to hear me talk about art's public purpose will have two opportunities later this month in NYC. Check the Readings and Appearances page of my Website for details. And please come say hi if you do attend.