Monday, March 15, 2010

Useful Things

From ATA Executive Director, Dale Davis:
There are some new resources on the ATA Homepage.

Thanks to ATA Board Member Russell Granet, The Dana Foundation's and VSA arts of Texas' webposium for teaching artists, moderated by Russell Granet, conducted at City Hall in Austin, Texas on Friday, January 29, 2010 is now available on the ATA Homepage. The webposium is a not to be missed opportunity for Teaching Artists to view an online discussion about the challenges and successes of working with students with disabilities.

In response to the many, many inquiries in regard to conferences of interest for Teaching Artists, the ATA Homepage will list Conferences of Interest to Teaching Artists. Your input is needed to build this important resource. Have you attended a conference in the past that was extremely helpful to your work as a Teaching Artist, please let me know and we can post this year's conference.

Also please let me know: (1) What do you look for in a conference; (2) What do you like to come away with from a conference; (3) How far are you willing to travel to attend a conference.

Thank you! With resources so tight right now, shared information on conferences is important!

And lastly, the results from the Teaching Artists and Their Work Survey will be posted on  the ATA Homepage in May.


Dale Davis
Executive Director
The Association of Teaching Artists

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