Thursday, March 25, 2010


Nick Rabkin's Teaching Artist Research Project (PDF) reports that 67% of the TAs who responded to the survey hold their highest degree in their art form. Only 13% of those who responded said they had their  highest degree in Education.

Also: A new law says that Yoga teachers in New York State do not have to get licensed.  A bill signed, just yesterday, by still-Governor David Paterson adds yogis to the list of instructor-types who are exempt from state requirements.

In case you were wondering, the state treats independent teaching artists just like teachers of religion and martial arts--we are also exempt from licensing requirements. I assume the feeling is that our work is beyond the understanding  of a state bureaucracy--unquantifiable, mysterious and potentially irrational.

All I know is they don't let you cut hair without a license.  In fact, the regulations for cosmetologists say "You must complete a 1,000-hour, New York State approved course of study and pass both the New York State written and practical examinations to get a license to operate in this state."

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