Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday, Go To Meeting

The Teaching Artist Union would like you to know about their next "big old meeting." It's in Brooklyn and the details are below:

Ideas to research to art practice to education and back again.
Sunday, March 21, TAU will have a big old meeting. 
Starting at 2pm!

At 2:30pm Allison Faye will speak:
'A presentation of ideas about research and art practice': Alison is a member of the research team for TAU's first project:
Allison Faye:

At 3pm Erica Magrey and Jennifer Sullivan will present some independent and collaborative work involving performance, karaoke, costuming, music videos, and feelings.  We might be able to steal some of their performance skills and take em to the classroom.  Afterwards, we'll talk shop-- what are Jen and Erica doing to engage people in their performances that educators can absorb and experiment with?  What do we know as teachers that could inform the way they integrate their art into the public realm?

We've got a grocery list.
1. Teaching Artist Apprenticeship Program: (First Meeting 3/16)
Need leadership?  Want experience?  OR Need some assistance in your class from a devoted teaching artist-to be? 
We are designing our pilot TA apprenticeship program to kickoff this spring. 
2. Teaching Artist Manual: Are you an information designer looking for a cause?  We are beginning work on a manual for and by and in support of Teaching Artists.  We need you!
3. School of the Future @ TradeSchool: An opportunity to teach and learn more about education--
4. School of the Future Action Plan: Outreach
We are currently designing the building for the School of the Future and meeting community members around the site of the school.  Come hear updates and find out how to get involved!
Hope to see you!
March 21, 2010
Splinters and Logs || 4th Floor
1013 Grand St. || L Train to Grand St.

Also: Blue Tail Fly - B. Bunny

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