Wednesday, March 31, 2010


At the recent CommonGround Conference in Albany, I learned about animation software that allows young people to turn text into movies, instantly. During a terrific workshop on Improving Literacy through creative engagement, Middletown Ecsd Teacher Matt Wentworth introduced his take on an effective "21st century learning approach to education."  Online resources, and text to animation software were a part of the formula. Xtranormal is one of the pioneering websites in the text to animation field--with a free online interface that allows nearly anyone to make an animated video in minutes.

Recent research indicates that Mr. Wentworth is onto something. Teenagers  in the U.S. apparently spend nearly every free moment tethered to the virtual world through their mobile devices, computers and video games. As the New York Times reported "If Your Kids Are Awake, They're Probably Online".

In the future, which is seems inevitable that more Teaching Artist gigs will revolve around technology. Here's one. I wonder if employers will provide older teaching artists with training in the uses of technology, online software, and social media? Is a new kind of teaching artist specialty emerging?

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