Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Open Book

Billionaire Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s executive budget calls for millions of dollars worth of cuts from our struggling public library systems.

It's austerity for everyone, except the rich.

For instance, 14 of the  51 community branches in Queens will have to close up shop. Hours of service at the libraries that remain open may need to be cut in half, and 1/3 of the staff could be fired. The Brooklyn Public Library, and the New York Public Library, which runs branches in Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island face similarly devastating cuts.

Teaching artists can lend their voice to the debate over the wisdom of these cuts, but time is running out. On their website, the New York Public Library warns that this  is the last week to take action, and urges you to write a letter to your local officials to tell them how you feel about the impact the Mayor's budget will have.

Teenagers now have an excuse to use Wikipedia, and if they need a place to socialize after school, I suppose the thinking is there's always the street.

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