Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time Flies

Cassie Thornton of the School of the Future reminds us that there's no time like the present! The school, which has been in the works for months, opens today. Unfortunately, they have no electricity. Luckily, they do have vision, and lots of it. See below:
Building the School is a School
So it's really happening folks, School of the Future is opening and we invite you to come to an old fashioned school raising tomorrow morning. Bring a paint brush, a drill, a hammer and some coffee and join us starting at 9:30 AM at Sgt. Dougherty Park. We will be there all day building things, playing basketball, drinking liquids and staying cool. WE HAVE MANY JOBS FOR VOLUNTEERS! So please join us!

and then later....School picnic, class registration, folk music, inauguration ceremony, food sculpture, bball, and WE HAVE NO POWER!
Thursday, 7-10pm | Sgt. Dougherty Park, Brooklyn

Join us for a celebratory opening ceremony and picnic at Sgt. Dougherty Park this Thursday. Help us salute pedagogues past and present as we raise the School of the Future flag and christen Brooklyn’s first intergenerational free school to open in a public park for one month of unschool programming. Music, food sculpture, dome building and an irrational sense of togetherness and joy in a public space.  Every week around this time, for all of July, you'll receive the week's schedule.  Please rsvp and join us! Propose a class or just come teach one! It's the only way you'll graduate to the next level.

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