Monday, June 7, 2010


TeatroStageFest, a unique, and family friendly, festival of circus, music and dance will run June 17-30, 2010 in New York City.  

Some anticipated highlights are below:

From Argentina, Fulanos (“Everyman”) – a dazzling exploration of human nature in a tour-de-force performance by La Arena's troupe of acrobatic actors on six ladders.

From Spain, m³- A NoSpace Odissey – You think your New York apartment is too small?  Wait until you see this comical fringe masterpiece in which a city dweller must learn to live in the largest apartment he can afford: a one cubic meter size box.

From Brazil, Isadora.Orb: The Final Metaphor – What would happen if NASA decided to send to outer space a module ship with theater, music, dance and video artists? Discover it in this stunning multimedia exploration about creating art in outer space.

From Peru/NYC, Oh! Yantay – A colorful family-friendly adaptation of the classic Inca tale of Ollantay, considered the first play to be performed in the Americas.

From Brazil, Animals of Brazil – The jungle's many endearing animals come to life in this whimsical carnival of Brazilian music, choreography and awe-inspiring puppets.

From NYC, I Want You By My Side – An all-teen cast stars in Tere Martínez’s new play about a college freshman who’s on top of the world, until she is forced to face the possibility that she may be HIV positive.

Don’t miss El Museo del Barrio’s FREE outdoor Summer Night Concert presenting Chico Mann’s Electro-Freestyle-Latin-Afrobeat fusion.

The festival's website, which is available in both Spanish and English, says the box office is open!

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