Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Live

According to our daily job search @ www.idealist.org (don't panic!) some great teaching artist jobs are still available, even during the great depression. That's good news!

Distressingly, with fee scales of $15 - $20 per hour,  there are some other TA gigs that don't seem to actually pay enough to live on, especially if the teaching artist likes to do silly things like pay rent, purchase health insurance, or eat.

$20/hour x 40 hours per week comes to a paltry $38,400 before taxes, and since New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, even the lucky teaching artist who somehow manages to cobble together a full 40 hours worth of work per week would still be poor at that rate. 

It seems perfectly reasonable to think that if a job requires a person to have a college degree, then the job should pay a decent wage, and take into account the realities of the marketplace. Teaching artists don't get 40 hours worth of work per week. Maybe there should be fewer of us? That way we could charge more money.

In other news: In New York state, a bill offers Nannies and other domestic workers hope for substantive workplace protections. If enacted, the new law will require employers to provide paid holidays, sick days and vacation days for domestic workers, but not teaching artists, we are not on the list.

In Health: The New York Times' Prescriptions blog says it helps readers make sense of the new health care law. My big questions are about eligibility for the new health care exchanges and subsidies. I would make a list of the critical issues, but I can't. It's all so confusing, and the start date of 2014 is so far away. What does it all add up to? Do you have to be poor to purchase insurance? If so, where are the forms, and when do we start filling them out? What changed? When does it start? 

Is this thing on?

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