Thursday, April 23, 2009


The Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell, on Flickr, has 1,500 members and invites readers to submit photos of their workspaces; the places "where you get things done every day--we want to see your desk and office setup. Tell us why you've got things organized how you do, what your favorite gadgets and organizers are, and anything else we should know about how you stay productive and efficient."

New obsession.

Also: In this lesson plan at ArtsEdge by Eileen Ewald and Thomas G. Pullen of the Arts Magnet School in Landover, Maryland, students will learn to:
  • balance objects by changing and moving objects on a lever;
  • differentiate between potential and kinetic energy;
  • make connections between science and sculpture;
  • name the function and parts of a lever;
  • study and interpret the mobiles of Alexander Calder.
Image above: Alexander Calder - A Universe 1934

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