Thursday, April 9, 2009


The New York Times profiles two very different high school drama programs; each with an enthusiastic student ensemble rehearsing spring musicals.

Watch the video.

In the related article, we meet Paula Ohaus, classroom teacher and theater arts coordinator for Hudson County Schools, who says:

“In this district we see kids with a lot of culture in their homes — Hispanic and African-American culture,” she said. “When we get dancers we get salsa, merengue and hip-hop dancers. We also get storytelling — when you’re so connected to the place you come from in lineage, you get stories. You also get struggle. That’s how we in this district are rich.”

Also: The Three Sisters - Anton Chekhov. Translated by Carol Rocamora

MASHA: (Laughs softly.) You speak to me like that, and I can't help laughing, even though it petrifies me. Don't say it again, I beg of you...(In a lower voice.) Oh, go ahead, say it anyway, I don't care...(Covers her face with her hands.) I don't care. They're coming, talk about something else...

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