Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Learning All the Time

Over at Carla Ching's blog Minutiae & Flux, a slew of recent musings, and this post featuring a link to some terrifically useful resources:

"...some success yesterday with a class in a long term residency that I have that had not really taken to writing or performing so much yet. But, I did some Teacher in Role work with them and let them ask questions of the character and suddenly, all they wanted to do is be involved and give the character advice on how to be an agent of change in her own life. It really stunned me and affirmed the power of this kind of work. It just works."

The link above on Teacher in Role leads to a set of resources around using Drama in the classroom. The page is one of many maintained by Initial Teacher Education, a British website created to "assist those training teachers of English."

The internet is a wonderland and you are not alone.

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